Here at Farmer's Rabbitry & Hatchery, we strive to raise quality rabbits and birds as close to the Standard of Perfection as possible. Our goal is to not only improve the breeds we own towards perfection, but to also teach the public, especially kids, about raising and showing animals. Showing animals is very rewarding, and we hope to encourage as many people to join this amazing hobby.
While we do hold back some of the animals born here for our own use, we will occasionally have some of our stock for sale. We wait until an animal is older before selling to ensure that the animal is healthy, as well as to tell what color, gender, and quality the animal is. If there are no animals listed on the 'For Sale' page, please feel free to email us about your interest as we might have a waiting list. If that is the case, we will contact you as soon as it is your turn on the list.
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Updated: 10/17/14