Farmer's Rabbitry & Hatchery

"Striving for Perfection "


Farmer's Rabbitry is a registered rabbitry that strives to raise quality Flemish Giants and Harlequins. I breed for rabbits that meet the standard set down by the American Rabbit Breeders Association. I am a member of ARBA, AHRC, and NFFGRB, and I serve as a Small Animal Project Leader for my county in 4-H. We are located in Pittsville, Missouri, which is about and hour and a half east of Kansas City. 

Flemish Giants are my main breed, and I raise them in the following varieties: Sandy, Fawn, Light Gray, White, Steel, and Black. I also raise Harlequins with a focus in Japanese. 

We also raise various poultry, which we offer primarily as freshly hatched keets or young growouts. We do occasionally have adult breeders or eggs for sale. Local pick up only. We do not currently offer shipping. The breeds we raise are:

  • 25+ colors of guineafowl
  • Large fowl cochins (show quality)
  • Bantam cochins (show quality)
  • Silver laced wyandottes (show quality)
  • Buff orpingtons
  • Ayam cemani
  • Rouen ducks
  • Beltsville small white turkeys
  • Peafowl
  • Emu

Additionally, we raise ASDR registered Miniature Australian Shepherds. We do health test all our breeding dogs. 

To stay connected with current information on litters, winnings, and sales, please visit my Facebook page and give us a like!

Jessica Farmer


National Wins

2016 NFFGRB National Show

1st Place Sr White Doe - Farmer's LeBlanc

2017 National ARBA Convention

1st place Jr Japanese Buck - Farmer's Crusader

2018 National Harlequin Show

Best Opposite of Group - Farmer's Royal Bagel

Best Opposite of Breed @ specialty - Farmer's Searcher 

2019 NFFGRB National Show

2nd place Intermediate Sandy Doe - Farmer's Miss Fortune

2nd place Senior Sandy Buck @ specialty - Brink's BBZK3

Other Notable Wins

2017 OSRBA Mini Convention

Flemish Giant - Show A, B, C

BOV Light Gray, BOSV Light Gray

Skitberg's AS137, Langley's JL065

Harlequin - Show B


Farmer's Bagel

2020 Midwest Classic Quad Show

Best of Breed Flemish Giant and Best Opposite of Breed Flemish Giant - Show A

Out of 101 rabbits

Farmer's F367 and Farmer's F357

 Updated: 1/8/2021