Farmer's Rabbitry

"Striving for Perfection "


Farmer's Rabbitry is a registered rabbitry that strives to raise quality Flemish Giants, Harlequins, and Netherland Dwarfs. I breed for rabbits that meet the standard set down by the American Rabbit Breeders Association. I am a member of ARBA, AHRC, and NFFGRB, and I serve as a Small Animal Project Leader for my county in 4-H. We are located in Pittsville, Missouri, which is about and hour and a half east of Kansas City. 

Flemish Giants are my main breed, and I raise them in the following varieties: Sandy, Light Gray, White, Steel, Black, and Blue. I also raise Harlequins with a focus in Japanese. In 2015 I acquired my first Netherland Dwarfs, and my focus is on the Himi variety. I also raise REW, Chestnut, Black/Blue Otter, and Black/Blue.  

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Jessica Farmer

National Wins


1st Place Sr White Doe - Farmer's LeBlanc

Other Wins

2017 OSRBA Mini Convention

Flemish Giant - Show A, B, C


Skitberg's AS137, Langley's JL065

Harlequin - Show B


Farmer's Bagel

 Updated: 8/10/2016

Future updates: UTD pictures of all rabbits, finish inputting parentage data